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Electrician in Karachi

Electrician in Karachi

We provide numerous electrical repair services to customers who prefer not to take on electrical repairs themselves. Sometimes, homes experience minor electrical problems that are troubling and time consuming, often requiring a home repair professional to correct.

Instead of contracting an expensive electrician for minor problem, you can call us. Our technicians have a diverse knowledge of home repairs, and they can usually fix smaller electrical problems that many homeowners would rather not address on their own.

(Survey and Inspection) - Survey Amount will be adjusted at the time of complete work. Rs.200

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Item Price (Rs.)
(Survey and Inspection) - Survey Amount will be adjusted at the time of complete work. 200
Panel Fuse - Cut Out 400
Generator Installation 1000
AC Point connection 500/1500
Fan Capacitor Installation 300
Fan Installation With Hook 500
Fan Installation 400
Exhaust Fan Installation 500
Bracket Fan Installation 500
Fan Dimmer Issue 300
Fan Repair 1500/2000
Doorbell Installation 500
UPS Installation 2000
UPS Repair 3000
LED Lights Installation 200/Light
LED TV Installation 1000
Fancy Lights Installation 500/Light
Chandelier Light Installation 300/Light
Tube Light Installation 300
Channel Patti Installation 300/Ten Fit
Switch Boards Installation 200
Single Phase Breaker 500
Three Phase Breaker 700
Washing Machine Point 500
Socket Repair 200